Recycling Services in Wilmington, Delaware

CycleSolv is a chemical services company located in Wilmington, Delaware providing a complete range of services for the chemical user: including recycling of spent solvent streams, disposal of wastes including non-hazardous waste, and sales of specialty chemicals(compounds, pharmaceuticals, intermediates) and  solvents, cleaning agents and detergents.

Our distillation services are either on-site or off-site with our fleet of mobile recycling units. We can recycle non-hazardous materials at our facility and hazardous materials at the generators facility. In addition to our own operation, we have recently acquired Engov Ltd and its twenty years of experience in the recycling industry.

We recycle solvents for the following industries:

  • Metals Cleaning
  • Technical Cleaning
  • Printing Plate Wash
  • Printing
  • Fiberglass
  • Yacht Building
  • Automotive
  • Polymer and Resin Manufacturing
  • Electronic Painting and Coating
  • Tag and Label Industry
  • Envelope Industry
  • Tape Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals

Contact us for more information:

  • Phone: 302-894-9400
  • Fax: 302-894-9450